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Book Chapters

"The Art of the Juggle." In "Religion" in Theory and Practice: Demystifying the Field for Burgeoning Academics, ed. Russell McCutcheon, 220-221. Sheffield: Equinox, 2018.

"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Pizza (Or, How the Public Transcript Fabricates Difference)." In Fabricating Difference, ed. Steven Ramey, 92-99. Sheffield: Equinox, 2017.

"Killing the Scholar: Critical Theory, Relevance, and Objects of Study.” In Theory in a Time of Excess: Beyond Reflection and Explanation in Religious Studies, ed. Aaron Hughes, 74-79. Sheffield: Equinox, 2017.

Encyclopedia Articles

“James, Brother of Jesus - Christianity.” In Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception, eds. Dale C. Allison, Christine Helmer, et al. Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter, 2016.


Review of Kelly Baker, Grace Period: A Memoir in Pieces, "Kelly Baker's Dreams Resonate in 'Grace Period.'" Tallahassee Democrat, January 27, 2018. (Read here)

Review of Charles W. Hedrick, Unlocking the Secrets of the Gospel According to Thomas: A Radical Faith for a New Age, and Riemer Roukema, Jesus, Gnosis and Dogma. Perspectives in Religious Studies 41, no. 1 (Spring 2014): 86-89.

Review of Emmanuel O. Tukasi, Determinism and Petitionary Prayer in John and the Dead Sea Scrolls: An Ideological Reading of John and the Community Rule (1QS). Dead Sea Discoveries 20 (2013): 172-174. (Read here)

Online Publications

Tallahassee Democrat

Opinion: Leon County should close gun show loophole  (2 March 2018)

Kelly Baker's dreams resonate in 'Grace Period' (27 January 2018)


Marginalia Review of Books

America's Religion Problem (4 January 2017)

We've always lived in a post-truth world, Donald Trump just made it easier to recognize (5 December 2016)

"Economic Terrorism" and the Rise of the Trump Regime (21 November 2016)

On Giving Donald Trump a Chance (14 November 2016)

Is Hillary Clinton a Heretic (4 November 2016)

Creating Race (24 October 2016)

Evangelical Masculinity and the Acceptance of Donald Trump (9 October 2016)

The Price of Patriotism (23 September 2016)

There is no precedent for Donald Trump - and that is what makes him so scary (25 July 2016)

America, Dystopia (12 July 2016)

An Act of Terror and an Act of Hate ( 13 June 2016)

The Emoji Bible and Bourgeois Legitimation (3 June 2016)

North Carolina's "Bathroom Bill" is a Defining Struggle (10 May 2016)

Homo Religiosus? (4 April 2016)
- Picked up by Practicum: Critical Theory, Religion, and Pedagogy

Donald Trump's Dangerous Nativism (10 March 2016)

Donald Trump, Pope Francis, and the Death of Nuance (18 February 2016)

Christian First, American Second: On Prioritizing (and Performing) Presidential Identities (26 January 2016)

Pleasing the Lord in Oregon (6 January 2016)

Why Rick Santorum Thinks a Muslim Ban is Constitutional and Why It Matters (17 December 2015)

When Prayer Is Not Enough (3 December 2015)

Muslims and Republican Mythmaking (1 December 2015)

Think of the Children: Mormon Church Draws Boundaries Tighter on Same-Sex Marriage (12 November 2015)

Synodal Spin and the Authorized Jesus (28 October 2015)

God, Aliens, and the Confirmation Bias (14 October 2015)

Donald Trump and the Myth of the Evangelical Voting Bloc (30 September 2015)

The Genius of Pope Francis' Subtle Rhetoric (25 September 2015)

Carly Fiorina's Religious Test For Office (22 September 2015)

God Was the Big Winner at the #GOPDebate (7 August 2015)

Audrey DuBose and the Demand for Black Forgiveness (30 July 2015)

What Can We Learn From Mike Huckabee's Holocaust Analogy? (27 July 2015)

Religious Dog Whistling in Scott Walker's Announcement Speech (14 July 2015)

Winning the Culture War and Losing Your Soul (30 June 2015)

Obama, Grace, and Theology in Action (29 June 2015)

Religious Liberty in the Supreme Court's Marriage Equality Decision (26 June 2015)

The Climate-Change-Abortion Connection You Never Knew Existed (19 June 2015)

Jeb Bush Tells Pope Francis to Leave the Politics to Him (18 June 2015)

No, Religion Is Not Disappearing (11 June 2015)

What Can We Learn From Christian Hip Hop That Supports Ted Cruz (29 May 2015)

Playing With or Playing Into? On Subverting the "Terrorist" Category (21 May 2015)

The Christian Terrorist (19 May 2015)

ISIS and the US Government: The Propaganda War (11 May 2015)

Mike Huckabee and the Evangelical Vote (5 May 2015)

Playing the Prophet: Michael Eric Dyson, Cornel West, and the True Black Prophet (23 April 2015)

Indiana and the Economics of Religious Freedom (15 April 2015)

Rand Paul is Running for President (And Against Radical Islam) (7 April 2015)

Indiana's Religious Freedom Bill and the Power of the Public Transcript (31 March 2015)

Why How We Define Religion Matters (17 March 2015)

What Can We Learn From the "Utah Compromise"? (14 March 2015)

When is a Beard Just a Beard? (4 March 2015)

Lenten Battles: Pope Francis, Obama Effigies, and Chocolate (25 February 2015)

Embracing the Terrorist Narrative (20 February 2015)

What We Can Learn From ISIS's Campaign Against "Sexual Deviance" (18 February 2015)

The Rhetoric of Similarity: Republicans, Complementarians, and ISIS (11 February 2015)

Religious Studies News | American Academy of Religion

Idols or Artifacts? An Exercise in Self-Reflexivity When Pondering ISIS's Destruction of Mosul's Antiquities (18 March 2015; PDF)
- Co-written with Sam Houston

Ancient Jew Review

Who is Carpocrates? (21 January 2015)

Studying Religion in Culture | University of Alabama

On the Passive Voice and Nonexistent Agency (17 March 2015)

Bulletin for the Study of Religion

Theses on Professionalization: Thomas J. Whitley (2 November 2015)

History of Christianity | American Society of Church History

What Ben Carson's Pyramid Theory Tells Us About How He Reads The Bible (9 November 2015)

Shaun King, Classification, and Christianity (15 September 2015)

On De-Reifying Traditional Boundaries: Christian vs. Greco-Roman (13 July 2015)

Early Christian Reincarnation (9 June 2015)

Are We Seeing the Fall of the Religious Right? (11 May 2015)

Ted Cruz, the Gay Jihad, and Origins Narratives (13 April 2012)

Gender in Christianity: Immutable or Fluid? (11 March 2015)

Heresiology As a Zero Sum Game (9 February 2015)

#JesusIsCharlie: Of Typos and Identification (12 January 2015)

Emmanuel Goldstein, Simon Magus, and Early Christian Propaganda (8 December 2014)

A Transgender Thecla? (10 November 2014)

Money and the Heresy of Joel Osteen (8 September 2014)

The Second Century, Hobby Lobby, and the Invention of Christianity (11 August 2014)

Associated Baptist Press

What's In A Canon? (24 January 2014)

Duck Dynasty and the Struggle Over Christianity (24 December 2013)
- Picked up as a Commentary piece for Baptist News Global (link)

"Same Love" and Theology at the VMAs (27 August 2013)

Cherry Picking The Bible (16 August 2013)
- Picked up as a Commentary piece for Baptist News Global (link)

Why the DOMA Decision Is A Win For Religious Liberty ( 1 July 2013)

Don't Worry, Gay Scouts, Southern Baptists Still 'Love' You (17 June 2013)
- Picked up as a Commentary piece for Baptist News Global (link)

"Biblical" Monetary Policy (23 October 2012)

Romney's Faith Takes Center Stage (7 September 2012)
- Picked up as a Commentary piece for Baptist News Global (link)

How to Read the New Testament (28 August 2012)

The Surprising Religious Makeup of the 2012 Presidential Race (14 August 2012)

What Churches Can Learn From the Olympics (10 August 2012)

Experience and Expertise Matter (30 July 2012)