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The REAL Cause For Our Current Economic Situation

Thomas Whitley

Oh how I love where I live. The newspaper in our town just published the following letter to the editor:

North Carolina is listed as one of the highest unemployment rates in America. We used to be a state that would lift up the name of Jesus and not be ashamed to say, “I am a Christian.”

Our former Gov. Easley and his staff brought in the lottery. Our mayors will not have the nativity scene in their cities but would rather put up an idol “Santa and his flying reindeer.” Our politicians we voted for, and thought they were Christians, now want liquor served on the sidewalks.

When will we ever have men who are real men that will stand up and say as David did “I come in the name of the Lord”? All we have are a bunch of sissy-fied, braggarts, who go to church on Sunday and look halfway dignified in their beach clothes, and they live like the devil through the week thinking their political position will save them.

Matthew 6:24 - No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

If our sanctified preachers who preach out of any ole book printed in today’s society, would get back to preaching out of the “good ole book,” quit serving their drinks in their churches, quit having young (teen) girls get up in the pulpit, with scanty shorts on, acting like cheerleaders saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, stop having rock concerts, yes it happens!

If these preachers would fall on their knees and repent along with the people who have the name Christian, and humble ourselves, and pray and seek the face of God, turn from our wicked ways, then God will hear from heaven and forgive us where we have sinned and heal our land. He will show us how He can, through us, change our county and our nation.

Don’t laugh and sneer. God will not be mocked.

We can’t but God can. Because I love America but most of all I love God!

Carolyn Kuykendall
Kings Mountain

Seriously? The reason that we’re experiencing such high unemployment is because we’ve somehow lost God? I’m guessing that Carolyn Kuykendall would also say that the flood in New Orleans was because of the sinfulness of everyone that lived there.

I particularly enjoy the over-generalizations, the (negative) description of teen girls as “cheerleaders,” and the poor grammar. That always makes the claims that much easier to accept.

And I almost forgot the name-calling: “sissy-fied, braggarts.” I’m typically more inclined to listen to someone else’s position when they’re calling me names and being demeaning.

Clearly, Carolyn Kuykendall does not desire that people come closer to God, but rather that she can maintain her attitude of being better than everyone else that is not an ultra-conservative Christian who has imported their own opinions about social mores into their religion.

NOTE: Original can be found on the Shelby Star’s website here.