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Thinking Baptists, a.k.a. A Must Listen

Thomas Whitley

I’ve been eager to announce this for a while now and finally can. Thinking.FM is officially up and running. The site’s creator, mastermind and Chief Thinker said this about Thinking.FM:

As you can probably tell, this is a podcast network composed of niche shows in various areas. Being a longtime podcaster and web content fanatic, I’m incredibly excited about the opportunities in this space.

We should have our shows up on iTunes as soon as things are cleared, but in the meantime, feel free to subscribe to the individual shows (or the main feed) over in the sidebar. We’re officialy rolling out of private beta on Monday February 16 with our weekly shows.

I am co-hosting the religion podcast, Thinking Baptists. Our first show is up and ready for listeners. A few highlights include:

- The Pope and Interfaith Dialogue Blunders
- Eisebraun’s on Twitter
- Obama and Religion
- BIG IDEA Segment: Darwin vs. God
- Wrestling with God

Please go check out Thinking.FM. There is a lot of great other content as well that deals with topics from science, to NASCAR, to religion, to science fiction.