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Graduate School Is Not Your Job

Thomas Whitley

Graduate School Is a Means to a Job: Never forget this primary rule: Graduate school is not your job; graduate school is a means to the job you want.

This can be easy to do, admittedly. Most of us decide to go to graduate school because we truly do have a deep and abiding love for what we're studying. However, when we see grad school for what it really is - one step in the journey toward that beautiful and somewhat elusive tenure-track job - we can be that much more prepared for going out onto the job market.

Read the entire article by Karen Kelsky and take it as the good advice that it is. As a student finishing up my first year of doctoral studies, I am ever-grateful for those who have gone before sharing their experiences, mistakes, advice, and wisdom. Being a graduate student and thinking about how to prepare for the job market often feels like groping around in the dark just hoping to find something solid on which to rest our future. Needless to say, every bit of increased transparency about what lies ahead along with well-meaning advice will always be warmly welcomed by this grad student.