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It's Just Not Worth It

Thomas Whitley

Since I started working on my PhD last Fall I have become quite busy, as would be expected. There have been some unintended consequences of my lack of "free time." I have come to realize the benefit of my busyness recently. Today I'll talk about just two. First, I have followed the Republican race for the nomination much less closely. This has, to be sure, meant that I am a little less well-informed than I have been previously, but the greater impact has been less stress because of watching and hearing politicians attack one another and offer their proposals for this county that are directly antithetical to every thing I believe in. Thus, I was able to watch last night's SC Republican debate more for entertainment purposes than anything else. I knew how each candidate would answer every question they were asked and I didn't let the possibility that one of those four white men would be leading our country in the future totally scare and depress me.

The second benefit I have noticed as a result of my busyness is that I have gotten much less caught up in what conservative evangelical Christians are saying and doing. Many of the people I follow on Twitter continue to write about why Mark Driscoll is wrong about this or that or why Al Mohler's stances are unacceptable. There's basically no chance I will ever agree with Mark Driscoll or Al Mohler on anything anytime soon so why waste my time offering refutations of their views and ideas? They're not listening to what I say or write and no genuine dialogue will come about by me decrying them. I know that in some circles these figures and others like them are very influential, but they aren't in any of the circles I find myself in. On top of that, I am about as far from a conservative evangelical Christian as one can get, so why get worked up over the views of those who do  fit that description? It's just not worth it.

Do I wish I had more time to blog? Absolutely. I quite enjoy it. Does this mean that I will never write something correcting or refuting someone else. Probably not. This is not an ultimatum on what I will allow myself to do/say/write in the future, it is simply a realization of how my busyness of late has had some positive unintended consequences. Besides the above, I have also been able to spend the free time I do have with my wife and dogs (since we live together now), something that is much more enjoyable than other ways I could be spending my free time.