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The Value of Religious Studies

Thomas Whitley

Why the World Needs Religious Studies: No matter what you “do with it,” really, the study of religion forces you to learn about geopolitics, languages, literatures, sciences, and histories. It’s no shoddy path to cultural literacy.

I often think of and attempt to explain to others what I believe to be the unique value and skill set that a religious studies degree gives one, but regularly find myself referencing only "critical thinking." This article, which you should read in its entirety (don't worry, it's short), goes beyond that and outlines other important skills and modes of thinking that a religious studies degree confers on its recipients; a necessary piece of knowledge now as religious studies in particular and the humanities in general are taking shots across the fiduciary bow.

Thanks to Sam for pointing me to this piece.

Picture: Dodd Hall entrance, Florida State University. Dodd Hall houses the religion department.