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Necessary Beliefs

Thomas Whitley

I began writing a post on the recent debate surrounding the historicity of Adam and Eve; namely, whether a historical Adam and Eve is necessary to Christian belief. The post quickly became a long, laborious rant that was not well-organized and and was not particularly positive in its outlook, so I decided to switch gears. Are there any beliefs that for you are necessary? Late last year I asked this same question of Jesus' divinity, but today I'm interested in the whole range of beliefs. I'll give you a few examples, feel free to respond to these questions and others:

  • Is a historical Adam and Eve necessary?
  • Is it necessary for Jesus to be divine?
  • Is it necessary for Matthew to have actually written the gospel with his name?
  • Is a literal reading of Genesis necessary?
  • How about Exodus?
  • Did Jesus have to literally perform the miracles attributed to him?
  • Is a physical resurrection necessary?
  • Is the male-ness of God necessary?
Think about these topics and more. What are the sine qua non beliefs of "Christianity"?