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The Flaw in Google's New Minimalist Design

Thomas Whitley

First, I'll start by saying I love the new minimalist design. I appreciate the fact that Google does not get complacent and think they have found the perfect design for all eternity. They are working to continue making their products better and that includes aesthetics. However, I can't jump on board fully yet because of how much functionality I believe certain Google products, specifically Calendar, have lost as a result of the new design. First, my July calendar in the "old" design:

Now, my July calendar in the "new" design:

The new design is much more aesthetically pleasing, but looking at this tells me nothing about what my month of July looks like. In the old design up to 3 events would show and if a date contained more than 3 events, then 2 events would should and it would display a "+x more." Now, in the new design, if a date has more than one event, no events are shown and it shows the "+x more."

The new design has opted for minimalism at the expense of functionality. At the very least, the Google calendar settings should allow each user to choose how many events will be shown on each day in month view, with an upper limit, of course, of say 3 or 4. There are simply too many other calendar programs (that sync with Google Calendar) that offer a well-designed, but more importantly, properly functioning month view to make me stay with Google Calendar as my primary calendar for all of my calendaring if this design flaw is not addressed.

I have been very happy with Google products for years, but the way the new calendar design has been implemented makes the Google Calendar useless for me.

I hope they change it, and soon.