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Former Southern Baptist Convention Leader Praying for Obama's Defeat

Thomas Whitley

File this one under, "I wish this kind of stuff still shocked me." Bob Reccord was the first president of the North American Mission Board (NAMB), the SBC's domestic evangelistic wing. He had this to say at the recent Faith and Freedom Coalition conference (as reported by the Associated Baptist Press):

I pray that a trumpet will announce the moving in of a new president on Pennsylvania Avenue and the moving out of an old one on Pennsylvania Avenue.

In another example of conservative Christians viewing their faith and political affiliation as inseparable said that he is

praying for a new president and congressional leaders who will “bring a clear trumpet call” on issues like the sanctity of life, free economic enterprise and lowering taxes.

It is somewhat ironic but mostly disheartening that the name of the group is the Faith and Freedom Coalition since they clearly do not value the separation of church and state and only pray (pray!) for presidents that represent not only their political stances but also their social and religious beliefs as well.

Coincidentally (or maybe not so coincidentally), Reccord's past is not squeaky clean.

Reccord was the first president of the North American Mission Board, an entity created in a reorganization of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1997. He resigned in 2006 after a trustee investigation found evidence of poor management, autocratic decision making, possible conflicts of interest and a “culture of fear” among the agency’s staff.

Reccord's mismanagement and apparent lack of leadership skills aside, the incessant "God is on our side" banter has got to stop.

God is not Republican.

God is not Democrat.

God is not Libertarian.

God is not American.

To be sure, we all hold our beliefs and convictions tightly, but projecting our political affiliations onto God and asserting that since I'm a Republican God must be too is ignorant and naive at best and outright megalomania at worst.