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A Library of Questions

Thomas Whitley

With thanks to Sam Harrelson for sharing this article with me today:

The Bible is Dead; Long Live the Bible: Attachment to the cultural icon of the Bible is similarly debilitating. It's a false image, an idol. If you see it, kill it. The Bible is dead; long live the Bible. Not as the book of answers but as a library of questions, not as a wellspring of truth but as a pool of imagination, a place that hosts our explorations, rich in ambiguity, contradiction, and argument. A place that, in its failure to give clear answers and its refusal to be contained by any synopsis or conclusion, points beyond itself to mystery, which is at the heart of the life of faith.

When we begin to see the Bible not as a book of answers, but as a collection of questions that humans have asked for centuries we will then share in our common humanity with the authors of the Bible and will be able to celebrate the questions that we all have. Make sure you read the entire post, then let me know your thoughts.