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The Job Search Job

Thomas Whitley

When I sat down to write this post a few days ago something else came out instead. I generally try to stick to plans and not post things written in the "spur of the moment," as that often leads to not saying exactly what I intended or saying something I may later regret. I decided to go ahead and post "Why I'm Not Getting a PhD in Religion" for two reasons.

  1. It was logical to write a post about how my original plans had changed before I started talking about looking for a job.
  2. It was from the heart. This is not to say that I don't always write from the heart, but I generally try to write with a balanced approach, often erring on the side of being more academic than personal. I felt it was appropriate to allow my readers into my life a bit more than usual.

With that said and with what I said in my previous post I am on the hunt for a job. I have been applying for numerous jobs, a few of which I believe I would genuinely enjoy and experience fulfillment in. As I'm sure you all know trying to find a job (especially when you aren't currently in one) is essentially a job in and of itself.

While I do have a sporadic part-time job currently, I often want to put down "Job seeker" as my current employment because of how much time and effort it takes. To top it all off, we found out this past weekend that our landlord is filing for bankruptcy, meaning that all our previous plans are now off the table and we are busy making different plans for the present and future. This is a trying time but I am encouraged by my mom's recent successful job search (though it did take a full 12 months) and the fact that now is just the time to make significant changes.

While I am taking my job search to multiple avenues and techniques I am very open to any ideas/tips you may have for my job search. Of course, if you know of any specific jobs you think I'd be great for, let me know!

How have you dealt with your past job searches? What was the toughest part?