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Shh. This Post is About Universalism

Thomas Whitley

There is a decent amount of buzz surrounding a new book by Rob Bell called Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived. The book has not yet been released, but Bell has put out this video promoting the book:

Most of the talk about this book that I have heard has been quite negative, painting Rob Bell as a universalist and saying that he has strayed from anything that can be remotely called "Christian." Regular readers will know how much I dislike anyone trying to tell someone else whether he can or cannot label himself a "Christian," for a multitude of reasons.

Bell's book also coincides with a few requests I have gotten to speak to the topic of universalism on this site. I do intend to write a post (or two) about universalism in the near future, but before I do I would like to get two things from you.

  1. As close to a tabula rasa reaction to the above video (i.e. respond only to the video, not to claims made about Bell elsewhere by other people).
  2. Your thoughts and beliefs on/about universalism