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Is Honesty Worth It?

Thomas Whitley

Picture by Brozovich

I often receive negative feedback when I share my views on religion in general and on Christianity in particular. Some call me names ("liberal," "heathen," etc.), some don't listen to anything I say and just keep repeating that I am wrong and they are right, and others "know" that I'm not really a Christian anyway - I mean, how could I be a Christian if I don't believe exactly like they do? So, I'm asking you, is it worth it to you to be honest about your beliefs, even when you know the person you're being honest with is going to push back hard against what you're saying?

I believe it's worth it for me, but that doesn't make it any easier. The insults, assumptions, etc. become tiresome after a while. Nonetheless, I have worked at being more honest about my beliefs as of late, because I feel I have a responsibility to let others know (even if it's only 1 or 2) that they aren't alone in thinking their thoughts, they aren't alone in asking questions.

Are you always honest about your thoughts/beliefs about religion?