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DEG: The Ultimate Passerby

Thomas Whitley

In the spirit of honoring Dan Goodman on this day I decided to post a few pictures from our Jewish-Christian Relations in America trip we took the fall before he died. This is me, Sam, and DEG in front of the US Capitol.

One of the more moving experiences we had was our time at the Holocaust Museum. This picture is from inside the museum and is fitting because of the work that Dr. Goodman did to teach us all the memory is sacred.

After two years some things have gotten easier for me. What has been the most helpful, though, is watching as countless others who were impacted by Danny's life share in honoring and remembering him. His legacy is made even stronger when others help me carry it. To all of you, and you know who you are, thank you.

P.S. A bit more info on why DEG was the ultimate passerby.