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Separation of Church and State: 5 Myths

Thomas Whitley

Brent Walker, over at the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty has an excellent post on the Top 5 myths of the separation of church and state. You should really read the entire post. As a teaser, here are the 5 myths he discusses:

  1. We don't have separation of church and state in America because those words are not in the Constitution.
  2. We do not need or want separation of church and state because the United States is a Christian nation.
  3. We have freedom of religion but not freedom from religion.
  4. Church-state separation only keeps the government from setting up a single national church or showing preference among faith groups, but not from aiding all religions equally.
  5. The separation of church and state has resulted in God being kicked out of the public schools and banished from the public square.

Please do head over and read the full post, then come back and let me know what you think.