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We're Moving

Thomas Whitley

I have been crazy busy lately with the semester starting and the transition that Trinity and I are going through. Today she was voted in as the Minister of Students at St. Andrews Baptist Church in Columbia, SC. We will be moving to Columbia at the end of this month for her to begin her new position there on the 26th. The transition time is very short and that means we have A TON to do in the next two weeks, but we are very excited. We are, on one hand, sad to leave Shelby, NC and our friends at Eastside Baptist Church, where we have been on staff for the past 3 years, but, as Trinity said last week, we feel that this is our time to uproot and move on. We have learned a lot over these past three years at Eastside and who we are has been changed because of the relationships we built. Nevertheless, our excitement for our move cannot be sated. I am so happy for Trinity to have this new opportunity.

So, sorry I haven't been blogging. It may remain this way over the next few weeks (or it may not), but if it does, you know what I'm doing...packing.