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Things Men Don't Know About Women: A Response

Thomas Whitley

I enjoy reading those "Things Men Don't Know About Women" articles as much as the next guy (assuming the next guy happens to be a guy who enjoys reading these types of articles), but more often than not I think they're all flops. Esquire typically does these types of articles better than other publications I have seen. Their most recent venture into the world of gender education has caused me to realize three major flaws with this genre of article. 1) One quote from one woman does not suffice creating a rule that all men should follow. So what if one woman in this country of over 300 million prefers forearms to abs. Should I forget about my abs and concentrate on my forearms (Easy. I know where your mind is going)? Plenty of women would disagree with Jennie on this one.

2) Tell us something we don't already know. The most recent article of this type that I read (and from which all pictures in this post have been taken) is titled, "28 Things Men Don't Know About Real American Women." These taglines are often extremely misleading. Men usually already know a lot of the things  these articles claim we don't know. We're not as stupid as a lot of women, and apparently a lot of magazine editors, think we are. Take the picture below as a prime example. You think we don't know that you notice sex appeal? Come on. You chose us.

3) Quit with the double standards already. A lot of us men fight for equality on all levels, including gender and we're not doing it so women can turn around and uphold double standards against us. You want us to have well-kempt hands but we're not allowed to admit how we do it or that we may actually enjoy the manicure process? It's statements like this that continue to buttress outdated and unrealistic gender stereotypes and barriers. If women can do anything that men can do, then certainly the reverse is true as well. Don't expect an equality that you're not willing to live with.