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Christian Diversity

Thomas Whitley

I'm a little late to the party, but James McGrath has a great post asking How Diverse Can a Church Be? He makes his point particularly clear when he asks why we can't, as my mother would say, agree to disagree:

Why is it apparently so hard for some people to say "I personally think things should be done another way, but I understand why you prefer to do it this way, and I can offer you community, friendship, support, encouragement and celebration, while continuing when occasion presents itself to discuss the things we disagree about"?

He closes his post with a great quote by David Aune from his article The New Testament: Source of Modern Theological Diversity, which I will requote here because it says what I believe in much better terms than I could.

"Diversity is a sign of vitality, not of decadence...Since most of our theological language is analogical rather than univocal, or metaphorical rather than literal, it seems to me that we do a basic disservice to the theological task when we transform diversity into contradiction, varieties into irreconcilables. Diversity is not only a sign of the vitality of the Christian religion, it is absolutely necessary if Christianity is to be meaningful and living for people of radically different social, cultural and historical contexts."