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10 Random Beliefs

Thomas Whitley

It seems as if I am on my way to becoming a bona fide biblioblogger, since I got tagged in a 10 random beliefs meme by Jeremy Thompson. If, on the other side of this list, you're left thinking that my random beliefs equal non-witty, boring beliefs, I'm pretty sure the problem is with you, not me. C'est la vie.

  1. I believe that like fine wine I get better with age.
  2. I believe that many (though not all) non-canonical texts (i.e. not in the Bible) contain as much truth about the character and nature of God and reality as the Bible does. To say otherwise, to me, is to put God in, as the genie in Aladdin says, "Itty bitty living space".
  3. I believe that one day I'll be able to speak openly and freely about my beliefs without fear of repercussions.
  4. I believe that though people most of the time do not meet our expectations, this does not mean that we should lower them.
  5. I believe that our differences in hobbies, language, beliefs, etc. are a beautiful thing and we should do everything we can to celebrate and preserve them.
  6. I believe that close-mindedness is one of the worst sins, for it posits that one basically knows all truth there is to be known. This is not only naive, it is also ignorant and harmful.
  7. I believe that W. K. Clifford was right when he said that our beliefs have ethical implications and on most days I affirm his statement that "it is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence" ("The Ethics of Belief").
  8. I believe that theology is mostly anthropology and that our theology must be in response to reality or it isn't worth having.
  9. I believe that if I don't get into a PhD program then I'll join the Coast Guard. I could be good at that, right? I used to be a lifeguard.
  10. I believe that the Greek language is far superior to Hebrew, no matter what Jeremy Thompson says (see #3). Come on, two tenses? How about seven. That's more like it.
  11. I believe that sarcasm is a love language.

I recognize that my writing and my life is oftentimes seriously lacking in humor. For that, I make no apology. Also, I do know how to count and I am very aware that the above list goes to 11, when the meme calls for 10 random beliefs. I have 11 things to say, so I said them. Plus, what fun is following the rules?

Now, to tagging others: Chris Brady and Sam Harrelson, because they're two people who are likely light years better at this sort of thing than I.