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Theology 2.0 - Part 1

Thomas Whitley

The first Theology 1 class is over and my first assignment is complete. The assignment was to write a diagnostic paper. Here are the directions:

Each paper is to be not more than two typed pages, single spaced with a blank line between each paragraph. One paragraph is to be dedicated to each of the following Christian doctrines: Revelation, God, Creation, Humanity, and Sin.

Less than two typed pages seems quite simple, but when you think about having to write about how you understand God in one paragraph it becomes much more difficult. On first thought, I was going to post my diagnostic paper as part one of this series, but I asserted earlier that I would not simply be sharing my opinions on these topics, but offering various views on these topics. I am staying true to my word because I think it's good to stay true to your word, but also because I am trying not to skew your reading of the rest of the series by my first post.

Instead, I want to make this an open thread sort of post. What do you think/understand/believe about the five topics listed above: revelation, God, creation, humanity, and sin? Any response will do from a deeply theological response to short axioms that you live by.

Sound off in the comments.