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Fightin' Words

Thomas Whitley

My recent post about Lifeway generated a lot of traffic (for me anyway), but I was surprised that there were no comments (at the time). I then posted this to my twitter:

Even more views on my Lifeway post today (, still no comments. What makes you decided to comment or not on a blog post?

One of the responses I got was interesting. I'm not sure if it was directed at me necessarily, but the point is a valid one:

@TheKryptonian: @thomasjwhitley I usually comment if there's intelligent, mature discussion to be had. But not if the blogger's clearly just trying to fight

Now, this person could certainly have had a problem with my post and inferred that I was someone who was clearly just trying to fight. If I came across that way, I apologize, because that is not my intent at all. My desire is that people think for themselves. I also desire that corporations, those in charge, etc. encourage people to think critically. I have difficulty accepting any person or group of people that does not encourage that.

I recognize that my life experiences color my views on this and other topics. My parents taught me to think openly and critically about all points of view proposed. Thus, I have become someone who holds every option as viable until I have thoroughly thought through what I understand to be the positives, negatives and implications.

What about you? Were you taught growing up that it is always good to question and seek further or were you taught to just accept what you were told?